Tekiş Lastik: 26 Years of Sustainability, Customer Satisfaction, Innovation, and Diverse Product Offerings

Tekiş Lastik: 26 Years of Sustainability, Customer Satisfaction, Innovation, and Diverse Product Offerings

Tekiş : 26 Years of , Customer , Innovation, and Diverse Product Offerings

Established 26 years ago in the basement of a 60-square-meter apartment building, was established with the aim of producing for its customers. Today, the company has grown into an integrated manufacturing facility, digital office and outlet, spanning more than 2000 square meters and employing close to 100 people.

Tekiş produces narrow , braided and products such as elastic , and for a wide range of sectors such as textile, , , automotive, , home textile and defence industries.

Tekiş Lastik is committed to sustainability as well as its focus on quality. The company uses only recyclable raw materials with certification, which ensures that the production is and in line with European standards.

Tekiş Lastik constantly innovates to adapt to the ever-changing world and invests heavily in digital transformation to modernize its production infrastructure. Collaborating with universities, it develops new product designs and varieties by working with local and foreign designers.

Diversity and versatility are also important elements of Tekiş Lastik brand. The company’s dynamic and production infrastructure enables the production of narrow woven and knitted products in various colors, and technical specifications. Its expertise and experience in the textile, haberdashery and industries has exported 60% to countries such as Europe, America and Russia and continues to increase its international sales volume.

In addition to flat tire products, Tekiş Lastik offers different and products such as colored, silver, patterned and coated tires. It makes a name for itself with its boutique production approach and 26 years of brand awareness, quality production and experience, , different payment options and customer satisfaction.

Sustainability, customer satisfaction, innovation and product diversity are the characteristics of Tekiş Lastik brand. The company is dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality products and excellent after-sales services and support. Tekiş Lastik has the expertise and experience to meet the needs of many industries, especially textiles, haberdashery and footwear.

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