About Us

As a Tekis Lastik, We are a manufacturer company that produces elastic products since 1996 in İstanbul, Turkey.

What We Produce

As a company, we are focused on producing the bests elastics of the World. Today, we are producing more than 20 type in Narrow Woven, Braided and Knitted.

Product Catalogs

Shoe elastic products, Textile products, Haberdashery products and all other. Please read more to see all of our catalogs.

Elastic, Braided and Narrow woven manufacturer

What is Elastic ?

elasticIt is a fabric process which is narrow and gets streched because of its composition. Because of the raw materials that used in the production such as polyester, nylon, cotton, and woving, knittin or braiding those materials makes the new product’s rubber’s or spandex’s cores are wrapped.
Generally It is used for needling on fabric or to place into specially created casing. There is various type of it. Despite of this, there are different widths, heights, and lengths. The most important thing about choosing the right type of it, is the usage area. So, you can check our usage areas page to get more information. As a Tekis Lastik, we are Narrow Woven, and Braided Elastic Manufacturer that produces, Flat Elastic, Elastic Tape, Waistband Elastics and Elastic Cord.

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