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What do we do at Tekiş ?

As Tekiş Lastik, we manufacture all kinds of Elastic, Cord, Tape, Bias Binding, Ribbon, Shoelaces by Weaving, Braiding, and Knitting techniques. We have an perspective, word-class services, high-standard products, never-ending relations with our customers, employees consisting of expertise in their fields and sustainability in business.

The , , and products are produced in our facilities for various sectors. We serve industries of Crafts, Garment, Footwear, Pet Accessories, Home Textiles, Medical, Printing&Promotion.

Along with automatic and , we also develop by crafting our workshop and studio designs. Our dear customers have endless creative design options on Strap for Bags, Suspenders, Braided Belts, Shoelaces, Cat Collar and Dog Collar.

If you desire to get classy and qualified services, you must check our products. Let’s start this journey. Shall we!

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Multi Type Packaging

We serve various sectors in different .

Sale in Coils and Industrial packaging for Retail and Industrial Sales
OEM and Private Labeling
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The Earth is All We Have

“The world is all we have” is our main philosophy. We deeply care about the because we know that the future and prosperity of our next generations depends on it. All of our staff has a strict understanding, and our company is deeply bound on pollution issues. Like all people must.
Annual planting in burnt areas
Using raw materials
Have R&D projects of recyling and environment pollutions with proffessors and staffs of universities
Recycle Elastic


Tekiş Lastik Promotion Film

To get more information about our company, you can watch the video we have prepared for you.


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