Twisted Cord

Twisted Cord is produced by the tres knitting technique from polyester, polypropylene, and cotton yarn. Flats and areas where shelves are used are spread over a wide field. Polyester gives an excellent glossy, abrasion-resistant durability.

While polypropylene is brighter and stronger, cotton cords are more organic, flexible, durable, environmentally friendly, thinner, and softer. Cords can be used as functional materials in our daily life, and their usage is as extensive as from bags to camping.

When Twisted Cord is considered, there are 3 layers of twists and 2 layers of twists, commonly used. The usage areas are textile, bags, shoes, printing house, furniture, bijouterie, home textiles, curtains and its accessories, belts and its accessories, shoelaces, seat trims, curtain ornaments, do-it-yourself projects, beds and quilts, promotions, wall hangers, plant hangers, pet toys, and clotheslines. It is very convenient to choose using it.

Our facility produces from 1 mm to 10 mm in various structures and yarns with demanded color, width, and packaging formats for our customers.