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Our Production Woven Tape, Bag Straps, Shoe Tape, Collar Straps, Herringbone Tape

Woven tapes are produced with various materials, thicknesses, and properties. It is used in many independent sectors and industries such as textile, footwear, defense, furniture and decoration.

Woven tape consists of braided strings (fabrics) produced from cotton, polyester, polypropylene, or nylon strings. 

There are woven tapes in the majority of the daily used products. Woven tapes are generally used in sewing and tailoring to strengthen sewing, produce cases, tie edges, manufacture knots for cloth patches. 

It is used most particularly in textile, footwear, pet accessories, printing, home textiles, defense industry, bag, and belt industries. 

The range of width is from 6 mm to 160 mm 

Our customers can choose any color from our plentiful color chart 

We provide demanded packaging types for our buyers.