Our Production Woven Elastics Braided Elastics Knitted Elastics

Elastic produced by TekiƟ Lastik, with Weaving, Knitting, and Braiding methods are used in various sectors. First of all, one of the reasons for our success is maintaining three different production approaches in a single factory and workshop.

Secondly, elastic is the basis material of our firm. Moreover, we’ve not only automatic production of goods but also unique designs due to customer demands. To provide that, our relavent employees consist of experts in their areas.

Third, we produce elastics in various levels of touch, thicknesses, and firmness. Therefore, we get much flexible elastics suitable for related areas. Customers can use such elastics in heavy applications like job safety.

In conclusion, our dear customers can choose whatever they want in our stocks, outlet store and special offers. We are available on 7/24 for your service.