Home Textile

Home textile is based on using functional and decorative fabrics as household good, making our lives more and sophisticated.

Narrow , elastics, and items are used in most house products, both on the edges and entirely to embellish, trim, close, combine, bind, carry, fix, shape, and provide comfort in usage.

Tekiş produces round , flat , baby , braided cords, woven tapes, and tapes, satin ribbons and twisted cords. Furthermore, we use these products in goods with a wide range of colors and different widths.

Additionally, Tekiş Lastik embraces the and standards as a vital basis of our company’s policy. To provide it, we guarantee that all of our products have certificates. Furthermore, you can click on this link to confirm it.

Lastly, do not hesitate to contact us if you need . After all, getting services from our expert and is a privilege.

Home Textile

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