, also known as band, is created by various techniques printed on elastics. is the material of bands. band is produced with different designs, fonts, pictures, and logos printed on elastic .

Print on is used in the clothing sector; , , swimsuits, , tights and sweatsuits, , , print, sectors. In addition to that, it is used in unique resistance bands, , all kinds of bands with logos, slogans and daily-used products.

Many techniques are used in , such as , transfer, screen printing, , . The usage area, cost, termin date (deadline) are the key features for deciding on a technical .

produces from to 160 mm woven elastics. We mainly prefer the digital printing technique, which has the highest and best details of prints. The woven elastics are produced in solid . We can print any chosen designs, , texts, logos, and pictures. Also, we can use any other printing techniques due to customer demands.

Printed Elastic
Printed Elastic

By embracing and quality production, Tekiş Lastik gives the same importance to all the processes. The processes of are raw material acceptance- - manufacture- printing- - shipment. Quality Controls are always made at every step of the .

Besides our label productions, we provide service of binding on terms of minimum quantity order (MQO). You can sell your products under your own label, especially in international markets and e-commerce.

Tekiş Lastik is a printed that embraces the quality and standards as a vital basis of the company’s policy. To provide it, we guarantee that all of our products have Standard 100 certificates. Undoubtedly, you can click on this link to confirm it. (Cert ID : 2019OK0492)

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need printed elastic . After all, getting services from our expert and is a privilege.

Product Descriptions

Printing on to 1 elastics
Thermal Printing, Digital Printing and Sublimination Printing
Providing unique vectors and graphics
Printing on different type of elastics (soft elastic, strong elastic etc.)

Packaging Info

Plastic Bobbins
Cards, Cartons
Recycleable Items
Lockable Rolleers



Printed Elastic

printed elastic 01 3
printed elastic 02 3
printed elastic 03 3
printed elastic 04 3
printed elastic 05 3
printed elastic 06 3
printed elastic 07 3
printed elastic 08 3
printed elastic 09 3
printed elastic 10 3

Printed Elastic Flower Patterns

printed elastic 20 1
printed elastic 03
printed elastic 04
printed elastic 05
printed elastic 06
printed elastic 07
printed elastic 08
printed elastic 09
printed elastic 10
printed elastic 11
printed elastic 12
printed elastic 13
printed elastic 14
printed elastic 15
printed elastic 16
printed elastic 17
printed elastic 18
printed elastic 19

Printed Elastic Traditional Patterns

printed elastic 01 2
printed elastic 02 2
printed elastic 03 2
printed elastic 04 2
printed elastic 05 2
printed elastic 06 2
printed elastic 07 2
printed elastic 09 2
printed elastic 10 1

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    Printed Elastic is the products that are printed with different printing techniques on the elastic produced in machines with the narrow .

    100% recycled (recycled) printed elastic production is available from recycled or yarn.

    Our printed elastic types are 10mm printed elastic , 15mm printed elastic, 20mm printed elastic, 25mm printed  elastic, 30mm printed elastic, 40mm printed elastic , 50mm printed elastic, 60mm printed elastic.

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