Elastic Cord

Elastic cord is made with braiding manufacturing techniques, cotton, polypropylene, polyester yarn material, and natural rubber. It is versatile elastic with durable, robust and long-lasting flexibility. Soft, flexible, and easy to cut and tie into secure knots; UV sunlight protected, colorfast and washable.

Our production facility can produce 2 million meters from 1 mm to 10 mm in width per month with elasticity, hardness, and weight options regarding client demands. Our company has silvery, mixed-colored round elastic cord products in Oeko Tex 100 standards along with plain colors.

We can make different packaging regarding the usage area of sectors. According to our customers’ requests in the haberdashery and retail sector, we pack our products in 50-meter and 100-meter reels for our industrial clients, besides winding on 5m, 10m, and 25m cards.

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Product Descriptions

From 1mm to 12mm production width.
Production with only certificated materials.
Different colors, flexibilties and patterns is avaible.

Packaging Info

Plastic Bobbins
Cards, Cartons
Recycleable Items
Lockable Rolleers



Elastic Cord Widths

1.5mm Braiding
2mm Braiding
3mm Braiding
4mm Bungee Cord
5mm Bungee Cord
6mm Bungee Cord
7mm Bungee Cord
8mm Bungee Cord
9mm Bungee Cord
10mm Bungee Cord

Special Order Options

Intermediate dimensions; It is possible to produce fractional and intermediate dimensions such as 2.5mm, 7.3mm etc.
Different Flexibilities; elastic cord can be produced very flexible for lightweight applications or strong for heavy duty applications.
Custom Pattern Works; We can apply different patterns with various pattern colors on elastic cord .
Custom Densities;elastic cord possible to produce with different densities.
Custom Composition; Raw materials and compositions can be changed according to customer’s request.
OEM Branding; Packing and finishing the product with customer branded items/labels.

Elastic Cord Colors

Fushia (R1)
Turquoise (R2)
Green (R3)
Brown (R4)
Beige (R5)
Grey (R6)
Dark blue (R7)
Navy blue (R8)
Purple (R9)
Red (R10)
Orange (R11)
Baby blue (R12)
Neon yellow (R13)
Neon green (R14)
Neon orange (R15)
Neon pink (R16)
Dried rose (R17)
Powder (R18)
Khaki (R19)
Burgundy (R20)

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