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Creativity is so essential for our company-Tekiş . Moreover, we create various and of , , and goods. Thanks to our Product Development Department, we are at the top in the sector.

Examples for our endless include a belt by multiple elastics together. In addition, a attached with pretty to thick is another example. For that, we have a studio and a workshop just for unique designs. Hence, you can share your ideas and demands for your products.

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Unlimited Opportunities
Strap for bags

With various and models, we produce the desired lengths or adjustable with the of monolith. Creativity flows in our unique designs.

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garment industry
Unlimited Opportunities

We create with elastics in countless colours and patterns. Moreover, our production team manufactures different buckles and accessories in our . Innovation is the main key in here.

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braided elastic belt
Unlimited Opportunities
Braided Belts

The belts are made by knitting our round elastics. Also, we produce with , and straps added. In addition to quality metal buckles, we make touch to with pieces in unique colours and models. Our experts produce elastic belts, which has become the most goods in the sector. Furthermore, our belts set themselves apart from the Italian belts known for their quality. Again innovation forms itself in heavenly levels.

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lockable shoelace
Unlimited Opportunities

We produce in different colours and materials. Undoubtedly, it can be cut and tipped due to demand. Besides this, forget about tying with the elastics designed with the Magic Lock mechanism. Moreover, it is for the use of the end-user. We manufacture elastics with ideal for . Also, our innovative production team rubberized with various Magic Lock attachments.

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Unlimited Opportunities
Cat & Dog Collar

We produce and elegant , , and tapes. Additionally it is manufactured due to our customers’ pattern, length, and metal or plastic choices by using high- technology. Experts finish the production by plastic or metal accessories in our workshop. Whereas, by requiring OEKOTEKS STANDARD 100 documents, we provide the best services for pet friends.

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cat dog collar scaled