Haberdashery Crafts; defined as the sale of small items for , and . For example, products; They consist of a , a button, a zipper, an band, a , and similar articles. In addition, the sold by this business include socks, handkerchiefs, curtain rings, wool, and beads.

Most products are indispensable products for bands, ribbons, ropes and trim. Tekiş handmade bands are designed for sewing, , , , masks, bags, belts, , seat covers, gift boxes and jewelry.

Haberdashery Crafts
Haberdashery Crafts

The appearance and of products are important for and wholesale sales in haberdashery. In addition, Tekiş Lastik can create products with different and presentation styles. And we are constantly improving in these areas.

We have 5m, , 20m cardboard, 25m, , 100m rolls and higher rolls. In addition, our packing team can also provide different sizes according to customer’s requirements.

As a result, Tekiş Lastik provides () services to companies with significant sales potential in the haberdashery industry in exchange for certain minimum amounts and conditions.

Tekiş  embraces the  and  standards as a vital basis of our company’s policy. To provide it, we guarantee that all of our products have OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificates. You can click on this link to confirm it. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need elastic products for . After all, getting services from our expert and  is a privilege.

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