: Grossgrain

Ribbon is produced by the narrow technique. We make some satin ones for the handicraft and industrial sectors from natural materials like silk and . In addition, our production team manufactures other types of synthetic fibers such as , polyester, and .

Each type has a different weaving style that affects the satin’s silkiness, texture, and shape. When you consider various forms, is almost infinite.

The types of widths, finishes, colors, and are massive. Whether you need a temporary embellishment or a permanent fix, it looks attractive and neat. Hence, transformation to your wildest designs is inevitable.


We have satin, , taffeta, , and kinds in . Above all, we try to provide everything you demand : vibrant colors, an satin finish, , and softness etc.

Tekiş Lastik is a that embraces the and durability standards as a vital basis of the company’s policy. To provide it, we guarantee that all of our have 100 certificates. Undoubtedly, you can click on this link to confirm it. (Cert ID : 2019OK0492)

The is tightly and stitched to reduce fraying. So, you can freely cut and connect pieces while maintaining a neat look. It’s that the final trim shows a consistent shine from any angle.

Ribbon is produced by the weaving technique with polyester or polyethene yarnThe double-sided version is the most preferred due to its shininess and softnessBoth of the sides can be used in the same way.  

The primary examples are clothing, gowns, , stockings, party costumes and wedding cakes. It is used as a symbol and for gift wrapping and bouquets. Buildings, houses and rooms are areas of use.

Double-sidedGrosgrain (Grogren), Lurexand Printed Ribbon are the types.

The range of width is from 3 mm to . 

Our customers can choose any color from our miscellaneous color chart 

We provide demanded packaging types for our buyers. 


While grosgrain is not as as satin ribbon, satin ribbon is not as stiff as grosgrain. In such cases, using an alternative is not bring the same results. If you get the ribbon for a specific purpose, definitely consider and examine what type you must have.