Woven Elastic

Woven Elastic, also known as elastic, is produced by weaving with durable, high-quality and natural rubber. Moreover, it can be created from , nylon, and cotton yarns due to demands.

Second, stretchable bias tapewoven elastic’s other name is the non-roll . It turns back to its original length with any deformation and doesn’t lose its memory in the range of elastic shrinkage deformation.

Third, webbing elastic is durable and , keeping its durability while providing breathability. Hence, these features make processing easier and preferable in medium and heavy fabrics.

Woven Elastic
Woven Elastic

Heavy-duty woven elastic is mainly used in clothing, haberdashery, home textiles, print, and promotion industries. We produce all elastic types with 25 years of experience, including standard webbing elastic, , elastic , elastic, coating elastic, shoes elastic , , etc.

Our production team can produce 1 million meters per month from 6mm to 160mm. Due to our customer demands, we have widths, elasticities, toughness, and grammage options. Our company has our label sales and services for our dear customers.

is a woven that embraces the quality and durability standards as a vital basis of company’s policy. To provide it, we guarantee that all of our products have OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificates. Undoubtedly, you can click on this link to confirm it. (Cert ID : 2019OK0492)

To sum up, we have various packaging types depending on usage areas and sectors. The packaging team provides ,10 mt wrapped on cards due to customers’ demands from haberdashery and . Also, we wrap our products on , 50 meters, and 25-meter spools for our industrial clients.

Lastly, do not hesitate to contact us if you need woven elastic. After all, getting services from our expert and is a privilege.

Elastic Band
Elastic Band

Strong woven elastic for confections and waistband elastics from 6mm to 160mm with .

Foldover Elastic
Foldover Elastic

and 20mm, shiny and mat folding elastics to sew edges and use for decoration purposes.

Buttonhole Elastic
Buttonhole Elastic

Adjustable woven elastic band with button holes from 12mm to 30mm for heavy usage areas.

Covered Elastic

Woven elastics coated with varank .

Lurex Elastic

Glittery and shiny elastics that are produced with colorful lurex yarns.

Printed Elastic
Printed Elastic

Printed Elastics with sublimation method with ready

Patterned Elastic

Elastics with different patterns such as elastics, patterned elastics.

Shoe Elastic
Shoe Elastic

Shoe elastic is produced in a technique, with quality polyester yarns and natural rubber.

Suspenders Elastic

Suspenders elastics are produced in the weaving technique, with 100% polyester webbing use.

Woven Elastic Colors

Fushia Woven Elastic (R1)

elastic band fuchsia

Turquoise Woven Elastic (R2)

elastic band turquoise

Green Woven Elastic (R3)

elastic band green

Brown Woven Elastic (R4)

elastic band brown

Beige Woven Elastic (R5)

elastic band beige

Grey Woven Elastic (R6)

elastic band gray

Dark Blue Woven Elastic (R7)

elastic band dark blue

Navy Blue Woven Elastic (R8)

elastic band navy blue

Purple Woven Elastic (R9)

elastic band purple

Red Woven Elastic (R10)

elastic band red

Orange Woven Elastic (R11)

elastic band orange

Baby Blue Woven Elastic (R12)

elastic band baby blue

Neon Yellow Woven Elastic (R13)

elastic band neon yellow

Neon Green Woven Elastic (R14)

elastic band neon green

Neon Orange Woven Elastic (R15)

elastic band neon orange

Neon Pink Woven Elastic (R16)

elastic band neon pink

Rose Woven Elastic (R17)

elastic band dried rose

Powder Woven Elastic (R18)

elastic band lilac

Khaki Woven Elastic (R19)

elastic band khaki

Burgundy Woven Elastic (R20)

elastic band burgundy

Black Woven Elastic

elastic band black
elastic band white

It is the strongest and durable type of rubber due to its vertical and horizontal protrusions. Because it can be bent in daily use without shrinking when stretched and does not lose its flexibility when sewn. It gets its strength and durability from being made with twice the amount of elastic material. It is the best type of elasic to use when tension is the most important factor. Also known as non-slip elastic.

There are basically three basic elastics. , elastic and Woven elastic. It is a non-slip and non-rolling rubber compared to woven rubber knitted and knitted rubber. It is stronger due to its horizontal and vertical projections and holds more seams than others. The knit does not shrink when stretched relative to the elastic. Knitted elastic is used for light fabrics, while webbing elastic is used for medium and heavier fabrics.

Woven rubber is used in many areas and sectors of our daily life. In the textile sector, as a textile elastic in the collar, waist and leg parts, in textile materials and textile , in the printing sector, in the agenda rubber, in promotional products, in the bag and sector, in the bag elastic, in the haberdashery and materials, in the protective clothing in the defense industry, in the outerwear sector.
skirt elastic, pajama elastic, tracksuit elastic, t-shirt elastic, t-shirt elastic, waist elastic, in the sector, panty elastic, elastic, bra elastic; shoe accessory in the shoe industry,
shoelaces, elastic laces, slipper elastics, boot elastic, boot laces, sneakers elastic children’s shoelaces; fitness bands, training bands, plate band, bandage band in sportswear; seat elastic
cap elastic in the automotive industry
tensioning elastic;It is used as a jewellery band, buckle band, wristband band, and watch band in the jewellery industry.

The raw materials used during the production of narrow textile fabrics vary according to the characteristics of the product to be produced.

Yarns :
1-Weaving with cotton yarn ( cotton webbing)
2- webbing (nylon webbing)
3- Polyester yarn webbing (polyester webbing)
4- Polypropylene yarn weaving (polyproblene webbing)

Elastans :
1- natural rubber
2- Spandex

The characteristic of elastic bands is the presence of elastomer rubber threads in their warps. In knitting and weaving, the thinness and thickness of the rubber yarn used in elastic bands varies according to the product to be made. The number and diameter of latex used determine the firmness, softness and stretching of the rubber.

We have many models to meet the needs of woven elastics, which have a wide usage area.

1- Tightly woven Elastic
2- Woven elastic
3- Shoe elastic
4- Silvery elastic
5- Honeycomb pattern elastic
6- Patterned elastic
7- Printed elastic
8- Slope elastic
9- Folding elastic
10- Woven buttonhole elastic

In woven elastic products, we can produce black woven elastic, white woven elastic and colored woven elastic in 22 standard colors. If you need a different color other than our standard colors, we can also produce colors that you can choose from our color chart and that will inspire you and you imagine.

Tekiş lastik production that respects people and nature operates with the concept. In this direction, we produce elastic from recycled raw materials. We produce by interweaving recycled polyester yarn and natural woven elastic products.

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    Usage Areas

    Shoe Elastic for Footwear Industry
    Elastic Band for Crafts
    Confection Elastic for Home Textile
    Printed Elastic for Textile Industry

    Woven Elastic