What is Binding?

? is a of fabric that is cut on the bias and used to finish the edges of a fabric project. This versatile and practical notion can be made from a variety of materials, including , silk, , , and . It is commonly folded in half and sewn onto the raw edge of the fabric to create a neat and finish.

What is bias binding used for?

What is Bias Binding? What is Bias Binding Used For?

Bias binding is especially useful for curved edges such as armholes and necklines, as the bias cut allows the fabric to follow the curve smoothly without puckering or stretching. It can also be used for hemming and to add a decorative touch to a project.

what is bias binding
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What should be considered when using a bias binding ?

When using bias binding in a sewing project, it is important to consider factors such as the width, material, , cutting and sewing, folding and pressing, and placement. Choosing the right width and material for the project, stitching the binding carefully, and folding and pressing it evenly are essential for a professional and neat finish.

Is Tekiş ?

What is Bias Binding? Is Bias Binding Manufacturer?

Yes, Tekiş Lastik is the manufacturer of various types of piping such as satin, cotton, and leather piping in different widths, and piping. It offers its products to its customers with various options and provides assurance by using high-tech packaging machines. In addition, they guarantee the and of their products with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificates.