Elastics, Tapes and Cords.

The garment industry has a vast application area encompassing any wearable products, methods, and processes used to create the supply chain materials. One of the most important of these organizations is the accessory sub-industry adding value to the goods when used in the textile.

In the clothing industry, elastic and non-elastic narrow fabrics are used for binding, joining, fitting the body, adding functionality, aesthetically completing, and embellishing the neckline, armhole, waist, legs, and edges of the garments depending on composition.

Tekiş Lastik Company produces high-quality woven elastics from 10 mm to 160 mm, with different aspects like flexibility, weights, materials, colors, and knitted elastics from 5 mm to 60 mm, which are more cost-effective and have shorter production processes.

Also, we produce flat elastic, round elastic, woven tapes, and cords in high demand in the clothing industry.

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