Braided elastic
also known as , is produced by the braiding technique, which has parallel tabs. It is created by braiding natural with polyester, polypropylene, or nylon .

Secondly,the usage areas are massive such as industries of , , , promotion, , home textiles.

Thirdly, as , our most produced products are braiding elastic, round elastic, , and braided belt. For instance, we make 2 million meters, from 1mm to 16mm in width per month, by using high technology machines.

Braided Elastic
Braided Elastic

In addition to our label sales, we also provide services of - depending on terms of minimum quantity sales. Furthermore, our team serves our customers with demanded types and lengths.

and quality are our main company policies. Hence, our team prosecutes every step, from getting raw material to product shipment.

Tekiş is a that embraces the quality and standards as a vital basis of company’s policy. To provide it, we guarantee that all of our products have certificates. Undoubtedly, you can click on this link to confirm it. (Cert ID : 2019OK0492)

Any questions about products such as , white and colorful do not hesitate to call us if you have a request. It will be our honor to serve you with our expert staff.

Flat Elastic

Flat Elastic are produced in from 4mm to 16mm. , textiles, etc. preferred in the industry.

Elastic Cord

Elastic cord which called braiding elastic, can be produced from 1mm to 12mm with different flexibilities.

Baby Elastic
Baby Elastic

Baby Elastic (Double Tube Elastic) is produced as two merged elastic cord. It is generally produced in 4mm width.

Braided Elastic Belt

Braided Elastic Belt is produced in braiding techniques by braided together elastics.

Braided elastic, also known as braiding elastic, is produced by the braiding technique, which has parallel tabs. It is created by braiding natural rubber with polyester, polypropylene, cotton or nylon yarn.

It has parallel tabs, which causes tightening when stretched. Hence, its feature of vetutus (grip) is higher. This key feature causes it to roll more than Woven and elastics.

The produced category consists of;
– Flat elastic from 4 mm to 16mm,
– Round elastic from 1 mm to 10mm
– Baby elastic from 2mm to
– Braided Belt from 2mm to 5mm

Tekiş Lastik is a sustainable company that cares about the , and we can produce sustainable braided elastic by knitting and natural rubber.

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    Usage Areas

    Agenda Elastic for Printing Industry
    Elastic Cord for Medical Industry
    Elastic Cord for Footwear Industry
    Flat Elastic for Medical Industry

    Braided Elastic