Flat Elastic

Flat elastic is produced by braiding technique using durable and high-quality polyester thread, polypropylene thread, and natural rubber latex. It has sturdy flexibility; durable, breathable, and machine washable.

Even after many washing, it stretches easily without losing elasticity over time and takes its original shape without deformation. The flat elastic is a lightweight elastic that shrinks when stretched.

Most importantly, customers can make different packaging due to usage areas and related fields. Therefore, in the haberdashery (for example, on cards of 5 or 10 meters) or retail sector (50 or 100 meters rolls), we pack our products in many ways.

Above all, we can produce 2 million meters per month at our production facility. Lastly, we can manufacture flat elastic from 4 to 16 mm widths. The color range is vast; flat elastic is produced as black, white, and dyed yarns.

Color Catalog Datasheet
Flat Elastic

Flat Elastic Descriptions

4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 16mm widths.
Production with only certificated materials.
Different colors, flexibilties and zick-zack pattern is available.

Packaging Info

Plastic Bobbins
Cards, Cartons
Recycleable Items
Lockable Rolleers



Flat Elastic Widths


Special Order Options

Intermediate dimensions; It is possible to order intermadiate dimensions such as 7mm, 9mm and 11mm for Flat Elastics.
Different Flexibilities; Possible to produce with different flexibilities according to customer request.
Custom Pattern Works; Possible to produce with different type of patterns.
Custom Densities; Possible to produce with different densities
OEM Branding; Packing and finishing the product with customer branded items/labels.

Flat Elastic Colors

Fuchsia (R1)
Turquoise (R2)
Green (R3)
Brown (R4)
Beige (R5)
Grey (R6)
Dark blue (R7)
Navy blue (R8)
Purple (R9)
Red (R10)
Orange (R11)
Baby blue (R12)
Neon yellow (R13)
Neon green (R14)
Neon orange (R15)
Neon pink (R16)
Dried rose (R17)
Powder (R18)
Khaki (R19)
Burgundy (R20)

    Personal Information

    Product Information

    Flat elastic is a product with parallel lines, produced on braiding machines. Due to this feature, it provides grip to the product with which it is used. It is a flexible and stretchable rubber.

    Flat elastic is used in various areas, from clothing to the printing industry. It is used in many sectors and applications, such as lacing in the shoe industry, organizer rubber or folder rubber in the printing industry, on the edges of covers of home textile products, as a sewing material in DIY projects, in buckles and wristbands in the jewelry industry, and masks in the medical industry.

    The main difference between flat elastic, knitted and woven elastic is that it shrinks when stretched. Due to the shrinkage of the product when stretched, it is more likely to lose its elasticity than other tires.

    We can produce flat elastic from 3mm to 16mm.

    MOQ is 500mt for our standard color. MOQ is 3000mt for special colors.

    If desired, it can also be produced from recycled certified polyester yarns.

    For high amount quantity orders we can produce using pantone colors.

    We can produce with your logo and your own brand name.

    You can access our quality certificates from the link. On the other hand, you can access OEKO-TEX Validator portal to validate our certification. (Cert ID : 2019OK0492)

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