Versatile, , , and , the elastic for suspenders are the most hanging material. It returns to its original size without loosening after stretching. It is , durable, and .

As company, we provide production services for suspenders elastics, which we weave with different techniques, in widths for children’s , and widths for men and women. We can produce from mixed colors as well as plain colors according to the demands of our customers.

By embracing and production, the processes of suspenders elastic are raw material acceptance- - manufacture- - - shipment. Quality Controls are always made at every step of the .

We also provide services to our customers. In our in-house workshop, we sew the elastic cut in standard lengths with and or . We serve the product that has become the , either with our own brand or with your brand as .

Tekiş is a suspenders that embraces the quality and standards as a vital basis of the company’s policy. To provide it, we guarantee that all of our have Standard 100 certificates. Undoubtedly, you can click on this link to confirm it. (Cert ID : 2019OK0492)

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need suspenders elastic. After all, getting services from our expert and is a privilege.

Suspenders Elastic
suspender1 scaled
suspender2 scaled
suspender3 scaled


25mm suspenders elastic, 30mm suspenders elastic and 35mm suspenders elastic widths.
Production with only certificated materials.
Different colors, flexibilties and pattern is available.

Packaging Info

Plastic Bobbins
Cards, Cartons
Recycleable Items
Lockable Rolleers



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