Elastics, Bias and Ribbons

The printing industry consists of printing texts and images on materials such as paper, fabric, leather, plastic, and the reproduction of printed materials. Hence, it is intertwined with the promotion industry.

Elastic and non-elastic fabrics are used for aesthetic completion, binding, joining, decorating, and adding value and functionality to the products in the printing and promotion industry.

Moreover, narrow woven fabrics are used for decoration, packaging, and transportation by decorating souvenirs with thick, thin ribbons and strips for gift wrapping, ornaments for cake packages, toys, flowers, and wedding candies.

Tekiş Lastik produces flat elastic from 4mm to 16mm widths and round elastics from 1mm to 10mm widths in different weights, colors, types, and materials used in agendas and folders in the printing industry. We also produce ribbons and woven ribbons for decorations.

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