Waistband Elastic

Waistband Elastic Application

What is Waistband Elastic?

Elastic waistbands are a blessing in the comfort zone and also permit suitable small variations. The flexible waistband is generally divided into two categories: trimmed casings and separate stitched casing belt bands.The enclosure is a “tunnel” that holds the dress upright in the dress. The cut waistbands are folded and can be opened on the right side. The top seam can be just below the edge that is turned for a single elastic length, or the top seam can be folded in a number of rows and you can open rope at smaller elastic lengths per tunnel.

You can also lift the upper seam from the center and attach the dress directly to the upper edge of your skirt or trousers and then turn the elastic inwards and secure it in the side seams for only “invisible” appearance.

Usage of Waistband Elastic (Home)

  1. You need a wide tire and a waistband elastic cut to it. In many places for the length of the tire it is 15 cm shorter than my waist size, but it came to me very tightly, so I adjusted the length of the tire by myself 🙂 My tire is 2 cm wide. For the waistband, a sliver cut of about 7cm in length, 96cm in length (adjust this to the waist size of your trousers / pajamas etc.) with 1.5cm seams.
  2. Fold this strip in half and iron it. Then put the tire in between and sharpen the stitches with ironing. These marks will provide us with great ease when we are sick.
  3. Pants / pajamas etc. that you will open and raise the folded strip. pinch your waist allaround.
  4. As you can see, there are stitches left. To do this, remove and open the needle in that area and carefully sew the stitches.
  5. Stand on the tracks you have formed with the iron, but do not forget to leave an opening to pass the tire.
  6. Place the tire into the waistband with the help of a large fork needle. In the meantime, do not neglect the pinching with the other pin so that you do not have to come back from it while you are taking it 🙂
  7. Squeeze the ends of the tire several times with the zigzag stitch.
  8. To prevent the rubber from turning inside the waistband, pull the wide zigzag stitch again. Surf the remaining stitches.
belt elastic

Example Usages of Waistband Elastic

Usage of waistband elastic
Usage Waistband Elastic
sewing elastic
belt elastic

Waistband Sewing Video

Products that can be used as Waistband Elastic

Below the list, there are our elastic products that can be used as a Waistband Elastic. We produce Braided, Woven and Knitted Waistband Elastics. Instead of the needs of Waistband’s as Flexibilty, Durabilty etc, the product can be choosen.

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