Flat Elastic

Flat Elastic Preview
Flat Elastic Band 8 mm / Strong / 5m / Color

Details of Flat Elastic

Tekis Lastik is a manufacturer of Flat Elastic, and all other elastic products. We create woven elastics, and knitted elastic for usage in any kind of industries with different packaging. Our products designed by highly talented designers, and gets quality control by our employees.

Although the products which are always in our stocks such as 6mm and 8mm Tekis Lastik Flat Elastic products, we are able to produce more/less than 6,8mm products as a special ordered products. Instead of producing our needs, we produce the needs of our customers. In the order statement, our customers are able to choose their own width, color, even more they have ability to choose their own materials for Tekis Lastik customers.

Technical Details

The entire flat elastic products is made of a series of rubber yarns wrapped in a secondary fiber, such as cotton, polyester, nylon or blends of these materials. Latex rubber is usually woven elastic and woven elastic used; latex-free rubber knitted flat elastic fabric is a common choice. The combination of fiber content and construction plays a major role in how much material is stretched and helps determine which flat elastic material is best for the application in hand.

Certifications of Flat Elastic

Oeko-Tex for Braided ElasticsAs Tekis Lastik we use only OEKO-Tex Raw materials to produce our products. So, our products are unique and highly qualified. As a result, to see our ISO Certificates, and OEKO-TEX please visit Quality Standarts page.

Order Notes

Instead of what we produce, order can be customizable by our customer needs.

  • Custom color work can be applied to order.
  • Polyster yarn can be applied to order.
  • To order products, please visit contact us page.

Flat Elastic Product Codes

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