40mm Waistband Elastic

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40mm Waistband Elastic

  •  40mm Waistband Elastic is convenient for you to cut to the desired length with scissors. With different colour and size options, you can use our products comfortably according to your usage area.

Durability and Flexibility

  • 40mm Waistband Elastic is the strongest elastic for garments. This rubber does not shrink when stretched and does not lose its elasticity when sewn. Therefore, it is ideal for projects with medium and heavy fabrics. Our product has excellent flexibility and durability, is easy to pack, breathable, easy to wear, and suitable for DIY projects. It can also be used in many fields. Washable up to 40°. ·


  •  Our woven elastics are produced with narrow weaving techniques. It consists of high-quality polyester yarn and natural rubber latex. Our products have the Standard 100 Oeko-Tex certificate. We offer our products and services in line with these certification standards. 60% Polyester and 40% Natural Rubber Latex

Wide Area of ​​Usage

  • 40mm Waistband Elastic can be used in many DIY sewing projects, trousers, sportswear, skirts, wigs, sleeves, gloves, masks, pillows, hats and home textiles. It can be used to sew many things, such as woven rubber socks, pillows, black fabric, elastic trousers, or to make handmade notebooks.

Colour and Size

  • You can use these quality products in accordance with the area of use you want, with colour and size options in different variations.


  •  We eliminate the possibility of dusting, deformation and contamination of our products with the packaging we make most appropriately and safely.

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