How is Braided Elastic Produced?

How is Braided Elastic Produced?

How is Braided Elastic Produced?

How is Produced?

what is braided elastic 4We would like to talk about “elastic “, which is used a lot in our daily life, . This product adds value and functionality to products where it is used as a , joining and material.

There are 3 types of elastic according to the production technique. One of them is produced by   technique on   machines. The other produced by narrow technique on narrow machines, one is braided elastic produced by , and the other is elastics produced by knitting technique.

Knitted Elastic                                                                                                     Elastic

How to produce Braided Elastic to our blog series?

Braided elastic is produced from natural material, which gives to the and product. thread, , or Recycled threads are used as thread types.

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In braided machines, there are different dummy numbers according to the number of yarns in the machines and the product type. It is produced in flat and round shapes according to the type of puppets. The flat elastics are made of 9 muppets, 13 muppets, 17 muppets, 21 muppets and 25 muppets. Larger flat elastics can be produced as the number of muppets increases. For example, while 3- wide flat elastic can be produced in 9 dummy machines, 15-18mm wide can be produced in 25 dummy machines. The are 8 muppets, 12 muppets, 16 muppets. It is produced in machines such as 20 muppets, 24 muppets and muppets. with 1-2 mm widths can be produced in 8 muppets, while with a width of more than can be produced in 48 muppets.

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Flat Elastic Machine                                                 Elasic Machine

Yarns come in large bobbins, which are transferred to small spools and placed on puppets in tress knitting machines. In the production of flat elastic , latex is passed through separate holes in the puppets, while in round elastic , the latex is passed collectively. With the operation of the machine, the latex is fixed around the yarns and braided Elastic is formed by knitting the latex.

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Tekiş elastic company produces 3,000,000 meters of flat elastic, (round elastic), braided belt elastic in , different types, in different colors from wide to 16 mm wide. -Control rules are applied at the stage of yarn supply- - product leaving the machine and winding. For details, you can visit our braided elastic page.

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