Elastic Band

Elastic band is permanently durable and flexible which has different sizes from 6mm to 160mm, as three different types: standard woven elastic, confection elastic, and tight woven elastic (strong woven elastic).

Elastic band is produced by narrow weaving techniques containing durable, high-quality polyester yarn and natural rubber. Woven elastics are manufactured from polypropylene yarn, nylon, and cotton yarns, depending on customer request.

Woven elastics can restore quickly to their original length without deformations or losing shape. This product is durable and breathable, making it suitable and perfect to use with medium and heavy fabrics. The materials used for our products meet the Oekotex requirements as always.

We produce 1 million meters of elastic band per month in our factory. The bandwidth is made from 6 mm to 160 mm. The product elasticity, hardness, and weight can be adjusted to our client’s needs.

We can create different packaging depending on the application and the sectors. According to the requirements of our customers, we can pack our products on reels of 5 m and 10 m, 50 and 100 meters on cards for our industrial customers.

Color Catalog Datasheet

Product Descriptions

Possible to produce from 6mm to 160mm.
Production with only certificated materials.
Different colors, flexibilties and pattern is available.

Packaging Info

Plastic Bobbins
Cards, Cartons
Recycleable Items
Lockable Rolleers



Patterned Elastic Band production

We can give different appearances by weaving woven elastics to be used in visible areas in various patterns such as honeycomb patterned woven elastic, grosgrain elastic. To see all woven elastic patterns, please visit the Patterned Elastics page.

Private label production

With various packaging machines in our production infrastructure, we can wrap your products on 3m-5m mini card, 10m recycle items or 50m-100m reels. With certain minimum order quantities, we are able to produce specific to your brand with brand labels or brand printed cards that our graphic designers will make for you.

Production in custom widths

In addition to our standard production, which is available in successive widths of 10mm, 15mm, 20mm Elastic tape from 6mm to 160mm, we can also make rapid production in areas such as 18mm, 23mm, which are used as clothing materials in the textile industry and where products in special sizes are required.

Production with different raw materials

Polyester elastic tapes produced as standard, can be produced in our company with different raw materials such as polyamide, polyproblene or gipe. In this way, by giving the product a different texture and flexibility, we can provide a variety of uses, from sewing elastics used at home to the health sector.

Elastic Band Colors

Fushia (R1)

Turquoise (R2)

Green (R3)

Brown (R4)

Beige (R5)

Grey (R6)

Dark Blue (R7)

Navy blue (R8)

Purple (R9)

Red (R10)

Orange (R11)

Baby blue (R12)

Neon yellow (R13)

Neon green (R14)

Neon orange (R15)

Neon pink (R16)

Dried rose (R17)

Powder (R18)

Khaki (R19)

Burgundy (R20)



    Personal Information

    Product Information

    It’s possible to produce woven elastic with different types of material composition, such as polyester, nylon, elastan, spandex etc., according to costumer’s needs.

    Our woven elastics flexibility starts from 80% to 250%, depending of the type of it. Products with special flexibility can be produced according to customer demand.

    From 6mm to 160 mm woven elastic band products can be produced. According to model, range can change.

    MOQ is changeable according to product. For the standard items, there is no minimum order quantity as factory policy.

    For high amount quantity orders we can produce using pantone colors.

    Yes, woven elastics are printable items. So, any logo or text can be printed on the elastic. Minimum order quantity for this application is at least 3000 meters.

    You can access our quality certificates from the link. On the other hand, you can access OEKO-TEX Validator portal to validate our certification. (Cert ID : 2019OK0492)

    Standard box size is 53*36*21. Standard pallet size is 80*120*120.

    Yes, according to customer preference, elastic band can be manufactured with %100 recyclable raw materials.

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