Grossgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain ribbon is a thick, sturdy, durable, trendy fabric made from polyester, nylon, silk, or wool. It is used in decoration, clothing embellishing, hems as elastic and non-elastic options, Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, and underwear.

The diversity of ribbons ensures our customers choose the right one for their projects. Both types have pros and cons on usages that you must know which ribbon type works best and suitably for your operation. You can complete most crafts with either ribbon type and get excellent results.

While grosgrain is not as glossy as satin ribbon, satin ribbon is not as stiff as grosgrain. In such cases, using an alternative is not bring the same results. If you get the ribbon for a specific purpose, definitely consider and examine what type you must have.

Grosgrain and satin can also look great when combined. Different surfaces can complement each other and add smoothness to a project.