Tekiş Lastik Showcases Innovative Shoe Products at Aysaf Fairs

Tekiş Lastik Showcases Innovative Shoe Products at Aysaf Fairs

, one of the leading manufacturers of the and sub-industry sector, proudly participated in the 2017 and 2018 fairs held in Istanbul. The company showcased its , including , and , to visitors worldwide.

Aysaf fairs are ideal for professionals to discover the latest products, services and technologies. As an exhibitor, Tekiş had the opportunity to meet local and foreign visitors, establish new business contacts and exhibit its newest products.

At the 2017 Aysaf , Tekiş Lastik’s stand attracted great attention from visitors with its original and high- products. The company’s shoelaces received a lot of positive feedback from visitors, who were impressed by their and .

Tekiş Lastik participated in the Aysaf fair in 2018, exhibiting the newest product groups and innovations in the footwear industry. Elastic and striped shoelaces with the company’s wide and pattern options were among the most exhibited products.

Tekiş Lastik’s spokesperson said, “We are proud to attend Aysaf fairs two years in a row.” “These fairs have been a great opportunity to showcase our products to a global audience and connect with other professionals in the footwear industry. We look forward to attending future Aysaf fairs and continuing to innovate in the footwear industry.”

Tekiş Lastik’s participation in the 2017 and 2018 Aysaf fairs was generally successful. The company’s innovative products, commitment to quality and focus on customer have helped the company stand out from the competition and attract great attention from visitors.

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