Tekiş Lastik Company's Commitment to Sustainability Through Internal Training Programs

Tekiş Lastik Company’s Commitment to Sustainability Through Internal Training Programs

Tekiş Company has always been committed to its employees’ development and growth. This commitment has led to the establishment of Tekiş Academy, a unit under the company’s human resources department, to provide comprehensive internal training programs that enhance the skills and competencies of the personnel.

The company recognizes the importance of in today’s world and the role that its employees play in achieving this objective. In this context, Tekiş Academy has been designed to enable personnel to follow innovations and develop new capabilities and competencies. The Academy also contributes to the development of a creative perspective, increases the level of awareness, service , and efficiency, and facilitates internal integration.

Tekiş Academy has been providing internal training on a wide range of topics, from innovation to production planning, design, quality, business development, export, marketing, and occupational safety. The company’s commitment to its employees’ development has led to the creation of several training programs that focus on new production methodologies, digital transformation, intrapreneurship, leadership, and new teamwork strategies.

With the aim of continuously improving the skills and competencies of its personnel, Tekiş Academy is set to provide more training programs on various topics. The programs are designed to ensure that employees remain up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends, and are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive the company’s growth.

The company has also organized seminars on various topics to provide personnel with additional learning opportunities. These seminars have been well-received by employees, who have noted that the knowledge gained has been valuable in their work and personal lives.

In conclusion, Company’s commitment to sustainability through internal training programs is a testament to its dedication to its employees’ development and growth. The company’s investment in its personnel’s training and development is a key driver of its success and has enabled it to remain competitive in an ever-changing market.



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