Tekiş Lastik and Investment in Digitalization

Tekiş Lastik and Investment in Digitalization

Changing and rapidly transforming information era ; everything from production, human resources to management, consumption habits are being digitalized. In this context, is always open to innovations and in order to this established the Digital Office

Making a statement on the subject, Tekiş General Manager Kenan sais: “TEKİN represents the reflection of a strategy that we have created within the scope of our Digital Office. Digital transformation represents the perspective of the future.”

TEKİN : “In the future, production facilities will be equipped with artificial intelligence systems will be based on automation and that generates data at every stage and to develop itself . Human resources will be designed from zero based on this need. Accordind to this, we established this office to ensure that this vision is established, to develop projects in this context, and to bring a new digital perspective to trade by positioning our digital commerce and digital export unit here.”

TEKİN: “In the upcoming period, we will develop new projects, in the form of ,in order to .”

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