Tekis Elastic Sustainability Project

Tekis Elastic Sustainability Project

Tekis Elastic Project

Famine, drought, natural disasters and infectious diseases are increasing worldwide. Various institutions and organizations, especially the United Nations and the European Union, carry out various studies to solve these problems. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, European Green Consensus, Paris Agreement, Kyoto Protocol, Vienna Convention and Montreal Protocol are some of these studies.

There are steps needed to be taken on the basis of governments, non-governmental organizations, industry, and every individual living in the world in order to solve these problems that lead humanity to disaster. As a matter of fact, at the opening meeting of the United Nations in 2021, UN Secretary-General António Guterres mentioned these steps and demanded that action be taken as soon as possible. At this point, the concept of sustainability comes to the fore.

As Tekiş Elastic, we work for a sustainable World and our responsibilities toward social, humanitarian and future generations. One of them is our involvement in the “Sustainable Textiles” Ur-Ge Project organized within the scope of the cooperation between the Ministry of Commerce and the Istanbul Textiles and Raw Materials Exporters’ Association (İTHİB). Within the framework of the project; within the scope of the project, which will last 3 years and in which 24 companies are involved, the strategies envisaged in this context will be implemented by raising the sustainability culture to higher levels, harmonization with the European agreement, and the sustainability action plan.

As Tekiş Elastic, within the scope of the project; we aim to develop cooperation with institutions and organizations further, raise the sustainability culture to higher levels, apply this culture at every stage of our company, create a sustainable ecology, including the supply chain, and increase the share of sustainable products in production.

We have prepared our sustainability policies within the scope of our work. We have informed our suppliers. Also, we provided training on sustainability transformation to some of our personnel. We started to train our unit supervisors on the subject. In the context of , we started negotiations with our academicians about green-themed projects that can be developed. We started the digital transformation for our company. One of our transformation goals is to create the digital product passport and make the carbon footprint as acceptable as possible. Tekiş Elastic is taking firm steps towards becoming a sustainable and green concept brand.

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