Tekiş Elastic From Past To Present

Tekiş Elastic From Past To Present

Tekis Elastic From Past To Present

Tekiş Elastic was established 26 years ago in a 60 m2 apartment basement with the idea of producing products for customers. Today, with more than 100 employees in our integrated production facility, digital office and sales store over 2000 M2, We produce elastics for various sectors such as textile, , , automotive, , and home textile and defence industries.
By standardizing every stage of our production with various certificates such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 18001, we work to provide our customers with a first-class experience from order to after-sales support.

With the owned OEKO-TEX certificate, we produce our products in a healthy and only with recyclable raw materials that have this certificate, with an approach to European standards.

Our company, which follows the rapid change and transformation in the world within the framework of , invests in digital transformation and digitizes its production infrastructure.

Acting with an and inclusive perspective, Tekiş Elastic allocates a significant portion of its turnover to R&D with increasing momentum every year. Our business, within the framework of university-industry cooperation, develops new product designs and types within the scope of the protocols signed with universities. We also design products by working with domestic and foreign designers.

Tekiş Elastic; with our dynamic and production infrastructure and our team, we can produce all kinds of strips, rubbers and similar narrow and tress knit products in the desired colour, pattern and technical specifications, which are required by the companies producing in other sectors.
Working actively with the textile, haberdashery and shoe industries in various countries, our company achieved an export rate of 60% last year, especially in countries such as Europe, America and Russia; it has continued to increase its international sales volume.

Tekis Elastic; With its boutique production approach, it enriched the products with coloured, silvery, patterned and various coating types, apart from the ready-made flat produced in traditional narrow production. It also offers advantages with 26 years of brand awareness, quality production, experience, innovative designs, , and various payment options.

Tekiş Elastic has always stood by its customers with all these innovative products and designs, as well as after-sales services.

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