Shoe Elastics

декоративная резинка

Why Tekis Shoe Elastics ?

21 Years of Experience Moving to the Footwear Sector, We are ready to be partner for our valuable producers and wholesalers.

Shoe Elastic CartoonThe shoe industry is one of the most industrialized industries that grow day by day, do not stop, do not lose value. There are dozens of subsidiary industry partners in footwear production. One of these is a shoe elastic, and the shoe elastics is one of the materials used in all the shoes without exception. Tekiş Lastik in the last 3 years in Turkey and in collaboration with a number of shoe manufacturers in the world, Our company also produces special designs and applications for shoe manufacturers.

fixed grooved elastic

Fixed Grooved Shoe Elastic

Fixed grooved elastics are one of the most used type in shoes industry. When manufacturers are looking for the stronger elastics to give elasticity to their shoes, it is one of the best choice for them to use fixed grooved elastics. We use only OEKO-TEX certificated raw materials in Fixed Grooved Elastics and wide ranged colour choice.


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