Elastic Tape Description

30mm Red Elastic Tape 10meterOur Elastic Tape Products are designed and manufactured with high quality raw materials. Flexibility, weight and height can be customisable by the customers needs. However, Our Soft and Strong products conforms to joints in any product range.  Because of that, our products are suitable for waistband belt and craft items and all other sewing projects. Besides there are many colours to choose from black and white including all other colours.

Elastic tape products has multi purpose usage. Because of that, it can be customizable for wide variety for usage areas. From its narrow to design, strength, durability and all other specification of material can be chosen by customer’s needs. Using cottons, polyesters and other raw materials makes product better qualified.

As a result, we produce elastic tape from 15mm to 100mm as stock products. However, Tekis Elastic produce more than 100mm products as special orders. Minimum quantity order is 1000 meter in this case.

Elastic Tape is standard from 15mm to 100mm with our own color scale. However, we are able to produce more than 100mm products with different colors than our color scale. In the order stage, our customers can choose their own sizes and colors providing that minimum quantity of order is 1000 meter.


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Colours of Elastic Tape

We have stocked colors from black to white with main colors like yellow, red, green, blue, orange, purple etc. Instead of painting elastic tape products, we only use originally colored raw materials (yarns) to get our high qualitied products.

Instead of choosing our own color scale, you may choose your own color code to get elastic products. We can get your color codes from Pantone, Toyo, Trumatch, Hks, Focoltone and all other color scales.

As a result, we are able to print your own designs on Elastic Tape products too. Feel free to send us your special designs to get price.


 Certification of Elastic Tape

ISO Certificates

Our Products Designed to be Unique with the way of packing, size, colour and price. We have valid certificate OEKO-TEX, for our raw materials that we use in production of products.

As a result, we have valid ISO Certificates in any process of development and producing. Elastic, is used in manufacturing of home textiles, ready wear, medical, job security, automotive industry, waistband elastic etc.

 Order Notes

Instead of what we produce, order can be customizable by our customer needs.

  • Custom color work can be applied to order.
  • To order products, please visit contact us page.
  • As a special order, you can ask for higher width.

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