Elastic Cord


Round Elastic CordTekiş Lastik is a manufacturer of Round Elastic Cord, and all other elastic products. We create woven elastics, and knitted elastic for usage in any kind of industries with different packaging. We are able to produce elastic cord from 1,5mm to 15mm. Our products designed by highly talented designers, and gets quality control by our employees.

Round Elastic Cord is standart from 1,5mm to 8mm with our colour scala. However, we are capable to produce more than 8mm elastic cords for customer needs. In the order stage, our customers are able to choose their own width, color, even more they have ability to choose their own materials.

Usage of Round Elastic Cord

It is flexible, stretchable and highly durable for heavy industrial usages and applications. We have different package styles for all different applications such as Textile, Industry and Hobbies.

Certification of Flat Elastic

ISO Certificates

We use only OEKO-Tex Raw materials to produce our products. So, our products are unique and highly qualified. As a result, to see our ISO Certificates, and OEKO-TEX please visit About Us page.

Order Notes

Instead of what we produce, order can be customizable by our customer needs.

  • Custom color work can be applied to order.
  • Polyster yarn can be applied to order.
  • To order products, please visit contact us page.

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