Flat Elastics

What is Flat Elastic?

Flat elastics are produced by our company with Tekiş Lastik, Azim and Habby brands and are one of our leading elastic in production / sales volume.
In short, we can say that it is our first product that is the building block of Tekiş Lastik’s awareness and its opening to the whole of Turkey and even to the world.

Flat Elastics, which we produce with polyester rope or Polyproblen yarn, are mainly used by housewives in sewing and patching of home textile products such as underwear, textile products or sheets and curtains.



Zigzag Flat Elastic 6mmIn the shoe industry, flat elastic, which can be used mostly as shoelaces, can also be produced in silvery(glitter) in order to offer a dazzling effect.

These elastic, which we can produce in various designs, are mostly in demand in the European region with their Zigzag pattern.

In addition to the OEKO-TEX certificate we have obtained in order to certify the value we give to the environment and human health, we also fulfill our responsibilities towards the world we live in and the society we live in by using only recyclable raw materials that have this certificate in production.

Production Details

Production of Flat Elastic is starting from 4mm can be produced up to 16mm in our Tres Knitting production. As a standard, 6mm and 8mm Flat elastic that are constantly in our stocks are in these sizes.

Flat Elastic Model Table

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Flat Elastic Packing Types

Itis possible to produce Flat Elastic by wrapping cards of various sizes as 5 Meters, 10 Meters and 25 Meters, strong sales can be achieved in the haberdashery or Retail display windows, even in E-Commerce pages.

Catalog Items

6mm Flat Elastic / Strong / 5m / Color 6mm Flat Elastic / Strong / 5m / Color
6 mm Flat Elastic / Strong / 10 m / Color 6 mm Flat Elastic / Strong / 10 m / Color
8 mm Flat Elastic / Strong / 100 m / Black
8 mm Flat Elastic / Strong / 100 m / White

Additional Informations

Washing Instructions

Colors of Flat Elastic

Flat Elastics produced with 22 Standard Colors and hundreds of different Polyester or Polyproblen yarn colors in order to complement the jewelry, printing and decorative products.

Flat Elastic Sectors



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