Buttonhole Elastics


Our Buttonhole elastic products were produced from %100 polyester thread and latex. We have valid certificate OEKO-TEXR, for our raw materials that we use in production of buttonhole elastic products.
Buttonhole elastic, is used in manufacturing of infact and ladies’ clothing. We produce buttonhole elastic with 15 mm and 20 mm width. The package of buttonhole elastic products is 3 m card, 25 m rolls

wdt_ID Item Name Width Range Material Flexibility Dentisy M.O.Q
1 Knitted Buttonhole Elastic From 15mm to 20mm %70 PES - %30 ED 200 8.5gr/cm 100 Meters
2 Woven Buttonhole Elastic 20mm %60 PES - %40 ED 150 8.5gr/cm 2000 Meters

Packing Types

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