Woven Elastic

What is Woven Elastic?

While there is no meaning of single usage of Woven Elastic, these materials are indispensable materials of accessory, textile, automotive textile, ready-made clothing, confection, haberdashery, job safety etc. Generally, machines are used to get many kind of surfaces in underwear, home textile and technical woven areas. Narrow Woven sector is side sector of all sectors that it serves. However, when we look at the usages of Narrow Textile industry, despite stuffs are small sized, area of usage is coverage high percentage of the industry.

As a conclusion, Historical development process of Narrow Textile materials firstly seen at webbing technic in humanity usage area. Firstly, woven band samples, waistbands, belts, suspenders, etc. seen as a webbing technic in our lives.In the middle of 20. Century, with the development of Woven Elastic’s machines and machines with a needle, production of Woven Elastic products has increased.

The raw materials which are used in the production of Narrow Woven products in Tekis Lastik are Polyester Yarn for Narrow Wovenchangeable according to specification of product’s usage are or description. Generally, elasticity determines the raw material of Narrow band.  According to this, there are 2 type of yarn to produce elements.Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Texture etc. lastly, natural or synthetic mixed yarns.Elastomer based elastic yarns. Tekis Lastik only uses OEKO-TEX certificated raw materials.

Because the nature of its structure, tekis lastik ‘s woven elastic products is highly strength and durable materials that bends and flexes with daily use. However it is not going to narrow when it is stretch. With the usage of double the amount of elastic materials, when the stretching is important, narrow woven is best choice. Using polyester or cotton as an extra material makes our products perfectly strength and durable.  In Industries that needs strong elastics, chooses our woven elastic for their strong applications. This is an example product of Tekis Lastik ‘s woven elastic to see all details.

woven elastic tape

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