How is Woven elastic Produced?

How is Woven elastic Produced?

How is Woven Elastic produced?

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In our previous blog post, we talked about types and shared with you the subject of “How to Produce Knitted elastic ?”. In this blog, we will share with you how products are produced, as a manufacturer of , which we frequently use in sectors such as textiles, , , pet, bags, , security industry, and with our article titled “How to Produce Woven elastic “.

Woven elastic is an elastic produced in machines that enable weft and warp system to weave yarns and elastics together in a certain order with the .

Before the tire or strip, large reels (warp spools) attached to the back of the machines are adjusted according to the pattern and width of the product to be produced during the preparation stage. , , polypropylene, or polyamide yarns, which come in small bobbins, are transferred to large warp reels.

The warps are attached to their places at the back of the machine. The threads in the warp are passed one by one through the needles called “power” and brought up to the mouth where the product is . If the product to be is elastic , natural elastic latex, which gives just like yarns, is passed through one by one and brought to the mouth of the machine. Likewise, the yarn in the weft system is brought to the mouth section of the machine.

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After the materials to be used are brought to the mouth section of the machine, the pattern setting of the product requested by the customer is made. There are 2-head, 4-head, 6-head, 8-head and 10-head types according to the width and chassis structure of the machines. These operations are done separately in each head of the narrow . After the pattern of the product is made, the production phase is started.

Products are transferred to reels and parcels while being touched. After the are produced and transferred to the boxes, they are subjected to the fixation in the fixation machines. Although this causes additional cost in terms of energy, it is a that must be done to make the product . A product that has undergone a fixation has reached quality. Fixing not only eliminates the weaving faults of the product, but also adds a different quality to its touch.

If the products that are not fixed are used in a product that will be washed, they will shrink at more than necessary temperature and spoil the product they are sewn.

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Separate processes are applied in receiving the raw material, wrapping the yarns in the warp, producing the machine, , and shipping. In addition, these processes are completely digitized in our company and the processes are followed with barcodes.

In general, the production story of weaving elastic is like this. We will continue to write blogs where you will find answers to your questions such as how our other products are produced and where they are used. You can already wonder about our next blog.

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