Elastic, Tapes and Cords

The haberdashery industry is defined as selling small articles for sewing, knitting, and dressmaking such as ribbons, buttons, zips, and men’s clothing-suits, shirts, and neckties. This business’s interest includes retaining socks, handkerchiefs, curtain rings, rubbers, wools, and beads.

The majority of the production items of Tekiş Lastik are indispensable goods for the industry of haberdashery. These products are flat elastic, round elastic, woven elastic, knitted elastic, buttonhole elastic, foldover elastic, braiding cords, paracords, bias binding tapes, ribbons, twisted yarns.

The presentations and packagings of products are significant for retail and wholesale in the haberdashery sector. By accepting the reality of the warranty industry, Tekiş Lastik can create products with different packaging and presentation types. Hence, we continuously improve ourselves in these areas. We have options of wrapping into 5 mt, 10 mt, 20 mt cartons, 50 mt and 100 mt rolls, and higher reels. Also, it can be packaged in different sizes according to the customer’s needs.

Tekiş Lastik Company provides OEM (private label) services to companies with significant sales potential in the haberdashery industry, in return for specific minimum quantities and conditions.

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