Braided Elastic

What is Braided Elastic?

Braided elastics is one of the best known elastic type. There are parralel lines that covers the length of elastic and due to its composition, it narrows when it stretched. Braided Elastics lose its stretch when you pierce it, that’s why it is not perfect for sewing through. For braided elastics, the main thing that needs to be known is Elastic Cord, and Webbing words. Our Flat Elastic, and Elastic Cord products are used in countless areas such as, underwears, home-textiles, medical, press industry.

We use best quality orginally colored raw materials to produce Braided Elastics in Turkey, Oeko-Tex for Braided ElasticsIstanbul. We produce from 1,5mm to 9mm Round Elastic Cord via Braided Elastics, 5mm to 8mm Flat Elastic Band, and 2mm to 5mm Double Tube Elastics ( Elastic for babies ). We use only OEKO-TEX certificated raw materials during the production elastic products.

Braided area

Polyester Yarn for Narrow Woven

Raw Materials to Produce Braided Elastic

  • Polyester
  • Cotton
  • Cotton/Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Elastodien

When the application needs high qualified materials with narrow widhts, it is smarter to use Braided elastics instead of Narrow Woven. Instead of the covering materials, all of our braided elastics performs the same. It always gets back narrowed after streching and it directly comes back to original size of braided elastic.

Lifetime is longer than knitted elastics due to braided elastic’s strength and durabilty. When the rubber and fibers are braided closer, the product will get better durability.

Round Elastic Cord

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