Tekis Elastic was in AYSAF to innovate industry with shoe elastics

Tekis Elastic was in AYSAF to innovate industry with shoe elastics

shoe elastic products

21 Years of Experience Moved to the Footwear sector with Shoe Elastics in AYSAF 2017.
Tekis Elastic is ready to be partner for valuable producers and
wholesalers in Shoes Industry.

Aysaf 2017 started with huge attention of people who are in Shoes Industry.
The lack of quality of elastic products in shoes industry bring out the need of high quality shoes elastic products. Therefore, Tekis Elastic started to produce shoe elastics for this area to show our unique designs for shoe industry in AYSAF 2017.

Accordingly, as a Tekis Elastic, we decided to reflect our quality in Textile Industry to Shoe Industry.
Therefore, at the first time in our 21. years production, we attended to Istanbul 59th. International Exhibition for Footwear Materials, Components, Leather, and Technologies.

We got very possitive comments and attention from shoe industry leaders. Typical products like Fixed Grooved Shoe Elastics showed themselves with their high quality, strength and durability.
Besided, Our unique and “never produced before products” like Hose Pattern Elastics, Foldover Elastics, Printed Shoe Elastics, Side and Stair Pattern Elastics, and Covered Elastics fascinated all the visitors from Shoe Industry. Some of our customers, started to order products during the fair. Especially, our covered elastic products with bright glovy stones got attention of the biggest shoe indusry companies’ designer’s.

We got many illustration of products that needed from shoe manufacturers. And during the fair, we started to develop those products as their special products.

As a Tekis Elastic, our dynamic and innovative line will be continued in the Shoe Industry and producing elastic will be our best forever. Therefore we will always try to get our customers attention with new unique elastic products.

We would like to thank all the visitors who visit us in AYSAF 2017, and we hope to see you in AYSAF 2018.

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