A Visit To Tekiş From Beykent University

A Visit To Tekiş From Beykent University


Within the scope of , Beykent University- Fashion- Department instructors and Career Department personnel visited Tekiş Elastic. Within the scope of the visit, they visited our and got information. Again in this context, Kenan TEKİN, General Manager of Tekiş Elastic, received information about the sector, the products produced and the markets addressed.
Tekin stated that Tekiş Elastic was founded 25 years ago, has achieved a continuous growth momentum since its establishment, that production is not interrupted even during the pandemic , new investments are made and new employment areas are created, which is a part of our investment and commercial vision in the digital office we are in during the pandemic .
Tekin, as Tekiş Elastic; , flat , suspender , , polyester finished column, polyester plain , polyester glitter , glitter , polyp , short ladder pattern , , center stitched , cotton stripe, polyester stripe, polyp stripe, coated foil, tight (pattern), rubber (pattern), side pattern rubber (one-sided), hard rubber, up elastic, thin pattern we produce hundreds of products for 13 sectors, mainly rubber, silvery hose pattern rubber, woven folding tire, anima pattern rubber, corrugated tight woven rubber, gaitan, filling tape, polyp tape, flat tape, zigzag tape, polyester tape. At the same time, we produce products that are finalized with our Habby Accessories brand and appeal to the end user.
As a company, we are constantly designing new products with our perspective. Some of the products we have designed are sustainable. Our goal in the medium and long term is to make these products 100% sustainable. Again in this context, we participated in the “Sustainable Textiles” project developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce and Istanbul Textile and Apparel Exporters’ Association (İTKİB). As a company, we renew the production line within our planning. The machinery and other tools we bought are more sustainable.


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